I began Birrong Girls' High School in 7A (and came from Yagoona Public School)
BGH had only recently transformed from a Home Science School (established 1957) to a High School in 1959.
*Little Miss Wooster was the feisty principal followed by Helena Moore (later Sydney Girls' High headmistress 1969-1973)
*The school song, 'Ad Astra', was first written and performed when I was in Year 10.
*I was in the first year to go to Year 12 in N.S.W. (final year seniors for 2 years in a row).
*Proud to be a prefect in both Years 11 and 12. Prefects minded classes - 1st period Friday morning - if a scripture teacher was unavailable. (This was the time utilised for staff meetings.) Prefects also had special roles outdoors. I was a transport prefect, monitoring the girls - keeping them separate from the boys - as they climbed the stairs at Birrong railway station.
* My sport house was Bundarra.

*Streamed classes

English Teachers:
Miss Bedford - Year 7 - I remember reading Pride and Prejudice and Tale of Two Cities and Midsummer Night's Dream.
Mrs Campion - about Year 9 - loved my persuasive argument on why birds should not be kept in cages...
Mrs Williams
Mrs Hammond - Advanced English class - We studied The Loved One - Evelyn Waugh + Sons and Lovers - D.H. Lawrence + Tess of the D'Urbervilles - Thomas Hardy  + For Love Alone - Christina Stead + Macbeth + Hamlet + samples of Australian poetry e.g. A.D. Hope

Maths Teachers:
Mrs Kirwin
Mrs Laker - senior years

Music Teachers:
Mrs Stone - led a brilliant Pirates of Penzance in conjunction with Birrong Boys' High. Robyn Boss had a crystal clear, powerful voice and took the female lead. Bill Kernoski from the boys' school was the incredible Major General with an amazing voice too.
Mrs Kreller - replaced Mrs Stone when she retired.

French Teacher:
Ilma Sherratt (Ms Sherratt and Ms Kalucy gave extra time at weekends to a small group of us, extending our awareness of the world. They took us to a Greek play performed at Sydney University and took us to Son et Lumiere at Macquarie University.)

Latin Teachers:
Laraine Kalucy (Leaving Certificate 1960 - First Class Honours in Latin - Fort Street Girls' High and then continued to University of Sydney)
Mrs Niven

Geography Teacher:
Beverley Stretton aka Holdsworth (very popular, but I did not get the opportunity to study Geography. I chose History in my junior years, and in senior years chose French and Latin.)

Science Teachers:
Miss O'Farrell
Mr Epis (from Egypt) - he was one in a line of Science teachers - always changing. But he was interesting, though I did not continue with Science in my senior years.

In my final study years, I took Advanced English and Latin, (extra credit) so I only presented 5 subjects for HSC = English, Mathematics, Latin, French and History

Winter - box-pleated tunic + stockings + gloves + blazer + maroon beret
Summer - hat + checked uniform + white short socks
Seniors - new in my year - skirt + blouse + skin-toned stockings + slightly high-heeled shoes. Those shoes were not made well. We all suffered with blisters on our ankles. Often, esp lunch-time, just for fun, we would take off our shoes and slide down the main lower corridor - it was a red, black and greyish-white tile-patterned lino surface. Somehow, the sliding did not work so well on the parquet flooring round the corner.)

1962 Photo 1A
Names I remember L-R:
1st Row (front): Lesley Puckeridge, Judith Hogg, Alison Peevely
2nd Row: Diane Moses, Jeanette McGrath, Judith Wheeler, ? , Patricia Newton, Patricia ? , Suzanne Henry, Pamela Button, Leonie Smith, Pam Clarkson, Cheryl Tippett
3rd Row: Sandra ?, Marilyn Dalziel, Charmaine McCarthy, Cheryl Barry, Lynette Curran, Judith Randall, Marilyn Slattery, Joy Caldwell, ? , Denise ?, Denise ?, Marie Barnard
4th Row (back): ? , Kerry Corbett, Elain Allen, Christine Tomkins, Lexie Payne, Narelle Mort, Beverley Funnell, Ruth Driver, Lorraine McFarlane ? , Joanne Skelly, ? .

Students in my final year:
Jozefa Sobski
Charmaine McCarthy
Narelle Mort
Christine Thompson
Judith Wheeler
Lexie Payne
Robyn Boss
Diane Hopwood
Lynette Hudson
Lorraine Beecham
Lorraine Rolander
Gail Sanders
Alison Peevely
Robyn Burt
Helen Beard
Leonie Smith
Patricia Smith
Carolyn Turnbull
Beverley Jacka
Beverley Funnell
Cheryl Tippett

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