Hedley Downton Button - father
born 2nd May 1902 at Moree New South Wales
married my mother in 1937
died 7th July 1962 - resting at Rookwood Cemetery

Dad's mother's death notice 22nd August 1931 in Sydney Morning Herald.
She was the widow of Leonard Downton Button and died at 71 years of age.
It appears that Leonard Downton Button was born in 15.7. 1871 in Launceston, Tasmania.
ref - Colonial Tasmanian Family Links Detail

Hope Campbell Cox - mother - born in Wellington New South Wales on 12th March 1916
- grew up in Strathfield
- married my father and wanted to build at Denistone, New South Wales
but built home in the then paddocks of Yagoona.
Lived in Oatley and then Camden at Lesneague.
Died 22nd January 2007 at Goulburn Masonic Village aged 91.

Rodney Downton (b. 15.7. 1952) - my brother - missing for me since late1990's
when I tried to get medical help for him
+ lost contact with all family about 2005.
- maybe on south coast New South Wales.

Mother's mother - Ruth
- my mother always said she died of a broken heart when my mother's father died
- found out many years later that she died in a mental asylum
Mother's father - Robert Frances Cox
Mother's grandmother - Campbell Letitia or Tisha or Mowa to my mother

Mother's siblings (my mother was the eldest)
Constance (Connie) Ruth - died at 21 of diabetes
Pauline Francis (actually vice-versa, but she liked to be known as Pauline)  married Wilf Bergen
(Now both at rest at Palmdale Lawn Cemetery and Memorial Park
on the New South Wales central coast)

Douglas married Nancy - died of leukemia - then married Eileen
Patricia - youngest - actually Ruth Patricia - only one surviving now in 2013 - married John Copley - died 2 years ago right after my mother died.

Douglas' children (the only other sibling to have children)
Gregory Cox
Gregory - director at MetallTech
                                                                      (his children are Peter, Stephen + Michael)
Peter (died young of leukemia)
                                                                           (son Kenneth who has a son Brayden b.2013)
Andrew - in navy based at Cerberus

My Children
* Danica Joy b. 1974 -  married Robert Brancato
children - Justin + Reilly
married Mark Yates
children - Mark's son Sam
+   Harrison and Jesse

* Scott David b.1976 - biked South America with Bike Dreams in 2012

Scott and his beloved dog Smeagol.
He lost his dog in December 16, 2013

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